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The Band was formed in 1988 and is a registered charity. We welcome players from Glasgow and adjoining areas and some of our members travel quite some distance to attend rehearsals.


In keeping with its charitable objects it endeavours to reflect a community focused spirit and inclusivity.

In keeping with our ethos to be community inclusive we do not audition players and will be keen to embrace within our Band anyone of any age or background who plays a concert band instrument (including bass/bass guitar and percussion) to a reasonable musical standard. New players always welcome. Don’t be shy!


We rehearse weekly for most of the year towards our late Spring and late Autumn concerts and for any other events in which we participate .

From time to time we arrange social activities which are great fun.

We have a modest subscription of £10 per month.

We have a comprehensive Covid policy in place to protect our players so far as we can.

We are an enthusiastic group of people of all ages who enjoy playing music together to the best of our abilities. We would be really pleased if you wanted to join our Band or support it in any way!  You’ll see how to get in touch in our Contact section or click here.