Our Conductor

Our present conductor is Alastair McDonald.  Although a member of the legal profession Alastair is passionate about music and spends much of his spare time participating in musical activities. 

He is an experienced player, accompanist, improviser and tutor on organ and piano and enjoys playing trombone and bass when time permits. He has been involved over the years directing and taking part  in numerous choral and instrumental groups. He very much enjoys the challenges of working as a musician in live musical theatre. 

Alastair took over as our conductor is 2016 and has a desire to develop the band both in numbers of participating musicians and musical capability while remaining a strong advocate of the band’s community-based ethos. 


Current Members


Natalie Brayshaw 

Clare Finbow

Kenneth Knox

Marianne Macdonald

Sally McDonald

Lauren Newitt

Megan Phillips


Kathryn McDonald


Rosie Hart

Kay Moran


Louise Black

Rhona Finbow

Shannon Jones

Sharon Mackin

Jessica Martin

Rachel Murphy

Maggie Smith

Jennifer Tate

Toni Valbonesi

Dorothy Williamson

Alto Clarinet/Clarinet

Lauren Mitchell

Soprano/Alto Saxophone

Brian McKenna

Alto Saxophone

Alan Grant

Sam Moffat

Susan Murray

Lesley King

Tenor Saxophone

Stacey Connell

French Horn

Claire Sproul


James Bushe

Linnie Sedgwick

Brenda Sheerin


Wilson Buchanan

Fiona Jorgenson

Patrick McGlone

Alastair McNeill



Emma Alexander

Monica Boyd


Paul Berry

String Bass

Ralph Wilson


Hannah Berry

 John Brady

Pasha Grisenkovs 

Caroline Masson